Roadworthy Logbook Quickly and easily record and manage your roadworthy inspections

Key Benefits

Replaces your paper logbook register with an electronic version
Allows you to use either your existing digital camera or mobile phone / tablet
Instantly generate your compliance audit information with a touch of a button
Images automatically overlayed with date and certificate and tester numbers
Search for inspections
We'll worry about keeping your data safe, secure and backed up

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Just become a licensed vehicle tester or don't do enough roadworthies to justify purchasing an expensive package to manage your inspections?

With this account you have the ability to start managing your inspections at no cost and later transition into one of our monthly plans as your business grows.

Get started instantly by registering for our free starter account, giving you full access to Roadworthy Logbook to manage 4 inspections per month completely free.

  • Completely Free, no credit card required
  • 30 days unlimited inspections
  • Full access to all features
  • Easily transition into monthly accounts as your business grows

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Give the software a quick trial without the need to even register an account. This full featured demo account will allow you to create inspections, add photos, run reports etc, with your information entered available to you only during this demo session. If you want to trial the software over several days, or with multiple devices then please register for a free account.

Monthly Plans

Starter - Free

First 30 days unlimited inspections. 10 inspections per month ongoing
Just got your license? or want to give Roadworthy Logbook a try first. This is the plan for you.

Basic - $19.95

15 inspections per month
For those who only do a handful of inspections each week

Standard - $29.95

75 inspections per month
This is our recommended plan which suits most people

Unlimited - $34.95

Unlimited inspections
For those who specialise in roadworthy inspections
* Purchasing 12 months in advance includes 1 free month

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